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by Meanagers (now Skirts)

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Assorted singles and demos. All stuff written and played by Hayden.


released December 26, 2011

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth O'Neil



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Meanagers (now Skirts) Rochester, New York

Films. Food. Good jokes. House parties. Books. Beer. Rock and roll. Email hford@u.rochester.

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Track Name: Milkshakes
I got summer in my mouth.
Purple fingers, skies are blue.
Tape deck's full cruisin' on South.
First time I laid eyes on you.

Windshield's cracked, the sun is gold.
Smell the warmth of afternoon.
This whole city has a sound.
And it sounds a lot like you.
Track Name: Moontanning
I'm in the dark.
I see your light.
We could be stars.
But not tonight.

I'm walking home alone again,
I drop my phone in an ally way.
It shatters like a broken vase,
so I didn't get to see what the fuck you said.

I'm in your dark.
I see the light.
Might fall in love.
But not tonight.

I see the sky,
right through the roof.
A summer night.
Don't need no proof.

Don't know what I'm doing, where I'm going,
for the first time that might be okay.
I don't need a smile, I don't need a laugh,
but I got the feeling I'ma get them anyway.

I'm in the dark,
not making sense.
And all the stars,
they are my friends.
Track Name: The Devil is a Box of Cookies But You Should Eat Them Anyway
Where do people go when they don't go anywhere?
What are all my friends doing with all of their hair?
Why are my c(h)ords broken, and why are my strings flat?
Why does Bruce Wayne's outfit look nothing like a bat?

Why don't I know if I should call or maybe just wait around?
Why am I so boring in this stupid little town?

Why's my band called Meanagers? What does that even mean?
Is it teens that are impolite, or somewhere in between?
Why have I made it around three hundred sixty degrees?
And ended up farther behind with slightly worse-off knees?

Why do things always seem worse in the middle of the night?
Why do I always worry if I'm doing things right?

Do I cook all of my food or does my food cook me?
Would I be much happier if I were living on TV?
Do I want a girl, or do I just want a friend?
And if I had a girlfriend would we be waiting for it to end?

Should I be working harder when I'm just having fun?
Why don't I have shit figured out when I'm twenty-fucking-one?
Track Name: Too, For, Sicks, Ate
I got my own way of saying that I like my ladies, yeah I liked my ladies then,
and everything she said to me was a lie, baby,
crying ladies at my back,
I just want a snack 'cause

I am the lonely one, yeah, I am the ugly one,
I'll see what you never saw, see what you never saw, yeah,
You are the boney one and I am the snuggly one now I'm gonna lose my jaw,
I've seen you without a bra.

You got your own way of playing me like your own broken violin.
The first time that I opened my eyes I looking at a place, outer space, baby, didn't know the day, yeah,

I am the quiet one but I'll always try it once to see what I never saw, see what I never saw, yeah,
I wanted me and her but I'm just a Meanager.
The worst thing around is her, worst thing around is her.

My mind's turning to a blur,
'cause I'm just a Meanager,
She kills me without a word,
'cause I'm just a Meanager,
and she'll never think I rock,
because I am lame as fuck,
and I'll never be with her,
'cause I'm just a Meanager,

Track Name: Fireworks
I got a green set of shades,
and I'm making my own fun,
and now your shirt glows in the dark,
but I'm not close to being done.

Yeah I don't need you.
I don't you honey.
I don't need you.
I got fireworks in the kitchen sink.

I got chemistry,
but I don't need you baby.
I just don't need your spark,
'cause I got fireworks in the kitchen sink.

My vision's wobbling out of sight,
but I still can make you think,
and now I'm jumping up and down,
'cause I got fireworks in the kitchen sink.
Track Name: Baller
I got swag.
Oh, I got swag.

Don't wanna fuck with you 'cause my heads filling up with goo.
See me popping bottles with all of the sexy models?

I got swag.
Ah, I got swag.

I got swag.
Got me some swag.

You see me clap my hands? I can make all the people dance.
Tell you everything you need to know because, because, because,
I'm swag.

Oh I got swag.
Track Name: Wobble Away
Oh, I, there's nothing that I wouldn't do,
cause' my, my jeans they smell a lot like you.

I got the Amazon up my sleeve,
but every time we meet I wonder when you'll leave.
I look through a lens and I see your face,
with pretty fucking colors all over the place.

Now I, I drove into another state.
And I, I can't begin to speculate,
Why my, my jeans still smell a lot like you.
Now I, I'm on the beach and I got nothing to do.

You're the damn reason that my hair is so long.
I wonder, wonder, wonder what the fuck I did wrong.
You're really, really pretty I'ma tell you the truth,
but when I woke up in the morning I was missing a tooth.

Now I, I got someone I can be free,
and shes fifty percent better then you'll ever be.
Now you are living in a different world.
I guess you never gave a damn about me, girl.

Yeah I,
I got some,
thing to say,
to you,
Track Name: Call Me Maybe
You know the words, don't lie.