Dream Journal

by Meanagers (now Skirts)

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released July 2, 2013



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Meanagers (now Skirts) Rochester, New York

Films. Food. Good jokes. House parties. Books. Beer. Rock and roll. Email hford@u.rochester.

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Track Name: Death of the Author
We started a Victorian coloring book
you played sad songs and "Strawberry Jam"
and when I had to leave you finished without me
and sent a text of the creation

The colors, faint but assertive
hit my heart like a landmine hiding under the moss
This gown that you created would've been foreign to anyone living in the 19th
century after century goes by as I sit
looking at you and your thin wrists
and neck oh what the heck I'm fucking sick of not
feeling like the protagonist
If I had a picture of this I would frame it
just to try to keep you inside
my memories, hastily assembled, like the breakfast
my mother's jam and your piece of toast

Now all I see of you are reflections
on my computer screen
and in my dreams I'm wearing your sweater
weather, ever better, I can't remember
the sound of your voice or of your socks
on the carpet, sliding around me, rubbing electrons
I wanna touch your finger so bad
Beside me is literary evidence of
the prologue on the sheets of your bed
Track Name: Aubrey Plaza
I touched your leg and you felt so human
You smiled at me and I liked it
We sit and flirt and I swear I can smell your hair
You held my hand and it felt like air

I slowly wake and realize that you don't like me
My heart breaks you don't know who I am
Now my life's a dream and when I'm sleeping I am truly awake
So put me to sleep

And I wonder, did you dream of me that night?
Was I a stranger in your head?
If I saw you, did I make a good impression?
I can't even remember what I said

Don't wake me up
Track Name: Phantoms Part 2
My face pressed to the pillow
my minds filled with your shadow
afraid of not facing the door
I hope you'll come caress me
and in my dreams undress me
we'll kiss until my lips are sore

But I'm suspicious of my thoughts
the only girl I seem to love
I hope and want for you to come
but you won't

My eyes glued to the ceiling
got that teenager feeling
I'm on my back inside your room
You ascertained my future
I brought juice boxes over
I couldn't open up for you

But now the records spinning slow
and you can see my insides glow
I squint and try to hear your heart beat
but your chest is too damn thick

So you come to me tonight
in elaborate disguise
but I fucking know its you
or at least I think I do